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Онкологические центры на загнивающем Западе

В продолжение нашумевшей темы: Что товарищи-большевики на это скажут?

Nicole Kidman with cancer patient Ben Osborn at the Sydney hospital.

At Trinitas, all members of the pastoral staff do “rotations,” in which they each visit different wards and are able to “get the different experiences,” Sister explained. Besides seeing patients in oncology, cardiac, renal, and pediatrics departments, among others, they also get to visit the maternity ward

Bulldogs donate time and money to Westmead Children's Hospital

Pediatric Oncology Department Activities
1. The project's aim: "A Servizio dei Bambini - II. Assisting children affected by serious pathologies hospitalized in the Polyclinic Umberto I in Rome (Itlay)" is to attend children (5-15 years-old) suffering from temporary and/or permanent disablings pathologies and/or terminally, guests in the Polyclinic Umberto I in Rome pediatric oncology ward, pediatric emergency unit , pediatric odontology , contagious disease, cardiology and allergology day hospital.

In late April, Red Sox ace Josh Beckett presented a check for more than $100,000 to Children's President and CEO, James Mandell, MD, and patients from Children's Oncology department. The generous donation supports cancer care and research.

BOSTON (December 12, 2005) - Members of the Boston Celtics spread holiday cheer this afternoon, attending a party at Dick's Last Resort for patients from Boston Medical Center's Pediatric Hematology Program.

More fun filled activities at the Oncology Ward with the Las Vegas Children's Hospital. The players took time from their busy schedule to visit with many of the families. Pictured far left is Wes Welker, Rapper DMC and Eddie Drummond from the Detroit Lions.

The semi-pro baseball team spends quality time with kids battling cancer as a part of an ongoing program started by manager Bill Pintard.

Queen Paola of Belgium visiting the oncology section of the Paola Children's Hospital in Antwerp (Belgium).

Children's Health System's pediatric Hematology / Oncology department proudly serves a diversity of patient populations throughout the Southeastern United States.

И еще несколько фотографий из России

Young patient plays with a balloon dog during a charity festival at Moscow's Blokhin Centre for Paediatric Oncology and Haematology. The event celebrated International Children's Day.

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