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Англичанские журналисты купленные Кремлем пишут шта

"BM-21 "Hail" rocket launcher that government forces have fired into the city ....

Tens of thousands have left Slavyansk...

Like many families, Denis and Zhenya have harrowing stories of the attacks they have witnessed. The most infamous of them occurred on 8 June, the Russian Orthodox holiday of the Trinity, when the government forces organised a "bloody Sunday" for them, residents tell me. One shell landed in the belltower of a church. Casualty counts varied, but both sides admitted civilians had been killed, including a six-year-old girl....

crying Katya said by phone from Kramatorsk. "What will we do now? Where will we go? We left with only underwear practically. They keep killing us and killing us."

под статьей наблюдается некоторая война комментов
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